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Morning Care Laxative Granules 125 gm (Pack of 1)

Morning Care Laxative Granules 125 gm (Pack of 1)

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  • Cleanses Stomach & Aids Digestion
  • Good Digestive System
  • Unadulterated and Pure
  • Excellent stomach cleanser
  • Your very own trusty immunity kit!

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    • Sonth

      Chronic indigestion is characterized by recurrent pain and discomfort in the upper part of the stomach. Sonth appears to speed up emptying of the stomach, which can be beneficial for people with indigestion and related stomach discomfort.

    • Mulethi

      Mulethi has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties; it maintains mucosal health of the digestive tract, relieves constipation, prevents gastric and peptic ulcers.

    • Harad

      Harad improves digestion by forming a healthy intestinal environment and by increasing the absorption of nutrients from the food. This is due to its Deepan (appetizer) and Pachan (digestive) properties. Moreover, Harad also has Rechana (laxative) property that can aid in constipation.


     Can both men and women use pure Shilajit ?

    Yes, TEJ Shilajit can be used by both men and women.

    Is this product good for Stamina?

    Yes, these capsules helps in boosting the stamina in body.

    Can I take the shilajit capsule on an empty stomach?

    Mostly, it is recommended that you take the capsule with warm milk. However, if your doctor has suggested otherwise, you can follow their advice.

    Can I take a shilajit capsule every day?

    It is recommended that adults take two capsules daily, or as recommended by their doctor.

    Are the shilajit capsules safe?

    Yes, they are quite safe and effective. Consistent usage, as prescribed by your doctor, can have a positive effect on your mental and physical health. It’s strongly suggested that you don’t go over the recommended dosage of this supplement.